Classes and private sessions available in Southern California and Nevada, including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara. Sliding scale available. Please contact me about private or long-distance sessions (Skype) on any of the following topics: 

*CHILDBIRTH PREPARATION*  Including special focus on any of these topics: Preparing for a natural birth, cesarean birth, hospital birth, home birth, or VBAC; High-risk pregnancies and birth, including multiples; Couples/relationship concerns; LGBTQIA+ families.

NEXT ONE-DAY IMMERSION: Sat. Oct. 6, 2018 in Henderson. 10 am to 5 pm. INFO+REGISTER

*BIRTHING AGAIN*  Childbirth classes designed for couples who are already experienced parents. Take time to: connect with each other and this baby/pregnancy; review what worked (and didn't) in the previous birth(s); brush up on pain-coping techniques; and preparing for after baby comes. Get clear on what you want from this birth and postpartum time and how to get it, together! See schedule for details on next class: March 2018.

*BREASTFEEDING + POSTPARTUM PREPARATION*  Including special focus on any of these topics: Breastfeeding; Practical planning for after baby arrives; Thinking about life together as parents (relationship, intimacy, communication); 

*BIRTH STORY HEALING*  Special focused time for working through and healing from a difficult birth experience.

  Watercolor painting by Virginia Bobro (c) 2010

Watercolor painting by Virginia Bobro (c) 2010

 Labyrinth of Birth

Labyrinth of Birth

*RITUAL+CEREMONY for Times of Transition*     Take time to reflect on, prepare for, recover from, and/or honor intense periods of challenge, loss, and/or change in your life. This could include childbirth, divorce, a loved one's death, serious illness/accident; job or relationship change, etc.

*MINDFULNESS FOR BIRTH* Learn ways to bring mindfulness into your experience of birth, no matter what your "birth plan" is. You will explore and practice effective breathing, focusing, visualizations, and other ways of coping with the intensity, pain, and unknowns of birth and postpartum.

*BIRTH ART SESSIONS*   We use art, journaling, and dialog as a tool for learning and self-awareness, as we explore the experience of pregnancy, birth, and parenting. For pregnant and new parents, grandparents, and birth professionals, as well as those trying to conceive. In your session, we will focus on on the issues, concerns, or topics that are most important to you.

 *STORYTELLING: The Descent of Inanna*   Listen to a lively and powerful telling of a great ancient myth, and learn how Inanna's journey provides a "map" for anyone going through an intense period of change, challenge, or transition. Storytelling session may also include journaling, art process, and dialog.