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No group classes at this time: Private classes in your home. $200/3 hours. Each add'l hour $50.


Next circle: Saturday, May 13, 2017 from 3:30-5:00. $50 (sliding scale starts at $20)

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A healing gathering for mothers who have had a difficult, disappointing, or surprising birth (or breastfeeding) experience. Read more about Birth Story Circles.


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Whether you are planning a cesarean or hoping to avoid one, this class will help you: learn how and why cesareans happen; create a cesarean-birth plan and dialog with your care provider; understand how partners and doulas can help; be an active and aware participant in a cesarean birth; discover how a cesarean birth can be the "next best thing" and is still the birth of your baby and a profound rite of passage; bond and breastfeed after mother-baby separation; plus a Q&A time. Group class:  $15-35. Private 90 min. class: $75.


No group classes at this time: Private classes in your home. $200/3 hours. Each add'l hour $50.

Focus is on reviewing breathing/coping practices and sibling & postpartum preparation.  Special classes for families interested in VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) are also offered.

If you have given birth before, this class is for you!  Refresh and expand on your knowledge of birth, practice breathing and positions; learn from previous birth(s); connect with this pregnancy and baby; and prepare your other child(ren) for the arrival of a newborn. 

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Labyrinth of Birth

Labyrinth of Birth


BREASTFEEDING: Class for expectant parents

Next class:  Saturday, May 13, 2017 from 12:30-2:30. $35 per pregnant person+1 (sliding scale starts at $10) 

Topics covered in class:
+ Benefits of breastfeeding.
+ How to prepare and get off to a good start.
+ Overview of how breastfeeding works.
+ How to know baby is getting enough milk (and what to do if he's not!).
+ Avoiding and overcoming common challenges.
+ Breastfeeding resources and support.
+ There is always time for questions!

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Learn ways to bring mindfulness into your experience of birth, no matter what your "birth plan" is. You will explore and practice effective breathing, focusing, visualizations, and other ways of coping with the intensity, pain, and unknowns of birth and postpartum.


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I offer Birth Art circles periodically, using art as a tool for learning and self-awareness, as we explore the experience of pregnancy, birth, and mothering; these are facilitated two-hour gatherings for pregnant and new moms, grandmothers, and birth professionals. 

STORYTELLING: The Descent of Inanna

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Listen to a lively and powerful telling of a great ancient myth, and learn how Inanna's journey provides a "map" to the changes and tasks of the childbearing year. Following the story will be a dialog circle with journaling and/or art process. For pregnant woman and mothers. 


I offer special "Red Tent" gatherings for women (pregnant, new mom, birth professionals, grandmas, etc.), on a variety of topics and themes; these are facilitated two-hour gatherings for healing, personal growth, and connection, typically on a weekend.  Next Red Tent: TBA. Please contact me.