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Emerging Birth Stories

Emerging Birth Stories:  Disappointment, Power, and Meaning 

Location: Private residence in Eagle Rock/Glendale (Los Angeles).  Through thought-provoking teachings and experiential processes, we explore the power of birth stories (whether disappointing, traumatic, or triumphant), how they emerge and evolve, and how to look at any birth through a nuanced and compassionate lens. This informative and inspiring workshop is designed for birth professionals and expectant/new parents, and focuses on reducing shame, judgment, guilt, confusion, blame, and anger about childbirth and early postpartum experiences (including breastfeeding). Together, we will dive into a holistic exploration of how expectations, resilience, self-perception, support, language, and cultural and personal belief systems affect the subjective and emotional experiences and stories of those who give (and witness) birth. You'll learn some surprising, yet simple and powerful, ways to shift how birth stories are shaped and shared, in order to increase healing, community, and wholeness around birth, breastfeeding, and parenting.  Online pre-purchase price: $46. Cost at the door (if space available): $60. MORE INFO and to REGISTER >

Later Event: March 10
"Birthing Again" Class, part 1