Doula Services

Since 1996, I've been supporting families through all kinds of pregnancies, labors, births, and new parenting experiences. I am grounded, nurturing, reliable, knowledgable, and accepting. Whether you are trying to decide how or when to get pregnant, are striving for a natural birth, are facing a high-risk or complicated pregnancy or birth, are struggling with your adjustment to parenthood, or just need a warm, experienced person to answer questions, to go to appointments with you, or to listen and offer reassuring and evidence-based suggestions, I can help you navigate the emotions, questions, and uncertainties of the childbearing years. Please contact me at the links below to find out more about ways I can assist in making your life a bit easier.

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Conception & Pregnancy Doula

Extraordinary emotional and practical support and education for people who are: considering or actively trying to conceive;  hospitalized or on bed-rest due to pregnancy-related issues; experiencing pregnancy loss (miscarriage, stillbirth).

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Labor & Birth Doula

My services include: 6 hours of childbirth education; 2 prenatal meetings; 24/7 on-call for your labor/birth starting at 38 weeks; continuous support for labor/birth; back-up doula; 2 postpartum visits.

Free initial consultation!

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Postpartum Doula

Experienced, nonjudgmental, reassuring care for families. I offer: breastfeeding support; help with baby and mother care; light housekeeping, meal prep, errands; support for emotional and physical recovery from birth.