What is it that YOU need to know to give birth?
How are you preparing to give and receive support?
How will you cope with the unknowns of birth and parenting?
Discover the answers at these unique, empowering classes!

  • Increase your confidence by learning mindfulness and effective coping practices for labor and beyond.  
  • Gain an understanding of how labor works.
  • Experience unique, introspective, multi-sensory processes.
  • Learn practical information about birth, parenting a new baby, and your changing relationships.
  • Explore cultural and personal beliefs about birth and parenting.
  • Discover what to do and say when something unexpected happens.
  • Learn and practice ways for dad/partner to connect with and support mom.
  • …and much more!

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No group classes at this time.  

I  offer private classes in your home. $200/3 hrs, ($50 add'l hr.) 

The ground-breaking book that started it all!

The ground-breaking book that started it all!

NOT an ordinary, boring childbirth class! These classes are one-of-a-kind, engaging, personalized, and powerful.

Whatever kind of birthyou are planning (at home, birth center, or hospital;  natural or medicated, cesarean or multiple birth), my lively, unique classes help you thoroughly prepare in a mindful and intelligent way.

You will learn how to effectively navigate the complexities of birthing in our culture and how to embrace the unexpected. Your fears will lessen;  you'll be ready to meet childbirth and parenting with trust, confidence, love, and courage.